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Six hundred and eighty thousand. Hong Dali made an offer without hesitation. If you are willing to sell it, Ill take it. If youre not, Ill go to the next shop.


Alright, respected orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, Sir Tianyi, the other paperwork will be settled later on. The clerk bowed respectfully and secretly thought,This brat is crazy. Heavens will? Damn it. Its heavens will that you became an Honorary Aristocrat? Do you represent God?


Of course. Tianyi shrugged helplessly. I passed twenty-two levels in the Tower of Trials. Not talking about how powerful I am, I should be not too bad. But I couldnt even handle one move from that White Beard Mister. What do you think?


Regaining his freedom, Tianyi stood up and hugged Huaqings leg. Big Brother Double Aristocrat, thankfully you came. Otherwise, I wouldnt know where to put my face


“I… I am here to talk to you…” Jiang Qianxue looked around and saw no one. She then gathered her courage and said, “Because I… there’s someone I like… I want… I want to ask for your advice.”


His manly urges were awakened! Even if he could not take them home as wives, he had to at least make a good impression. Then, if he managed to soften their defenses and successfully woo even just one of them, he would not have come in vain. If he got all three, he would be in seventh heaven!

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“Dali.” Tang Muxin supported her chin with both her hands and grinned as she looked at this little fellow, asking, “Although it’s a little ugly, it’s still a little baby, after all. Let’s give it a name.”


On the other side, Mister Eagle Eye instantly took a step back and took a seat on the side. He muttered, “I will not fight against you today. Let me go back and train a few more days before I fight you again!”


A new problem arose—Hong Dali needed his own blood, but he couldn’t hurt himself…


He left promptly and returned promptly. In an instant, the Master Appraiser, Brahman, ran over. He shouted as he entered the room, Where is it, where is it? What kind of good items are there?


“Just passed level twenty-two.” The man with eagle eyes casually responded. Soon, he was stunned.


After all, Jiang Qianxue had no previous experience with love and she was very young. She really needed to seriously consider the current situation.


With such powerful lackeys, these women must not be ordinary! However, a person who managed to pass level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials would have a certain amount of perceptiveness.



Thats great! Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. You finally understand what an infatuated fool you were? You dont even know the other partys looks, gender or anything and already you like him. You were a love-struck infatuated fool. Its an illness, it must be treated!



“Prepare my spaceship immediately, I shall go over to Shenluo City now. Haha, this is a happy event. I won’t feel comfortable unless he treats me to a good meal!”


This The clerk stared with his eyes wide open. Then, he shouted excitedly, Scott from the Trenches Planet, twenty-four years old, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the thirty-fourth attempt, directly promoted to orange-level Honorary Aristocrat! Direct promotion!


On the other side, Zhang Yi, who was clad in a black sexy leather attire, ran in. When she saw Hong Dali, she rushed towards him and pulled him into her chest, his face almost on her cleavage. Aiyaya, long time no see, Young Master. I missed you so much, let sister give you a kiss!

  • With that thought, she finally felt less nervous.
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