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They had all been with Hong Dali for quite a long time and occurrences like this were commonplace, so they were not too shocked. Otherwise, they might have been so shocked their heart might stop, and then they’d be nothing but a black and white photo…


“Oh, I see…” Hong Dali looked around and quickly saw the Honorary Aristocrats standing at one side. There was even one that wore a purple-colored cape. Hong Dali looked at it meticulously… It’s not very good looking, my golden cape is still more beautiful! And if I become well-known, I will be forced to practice martial arts day and night—god, such life is unbearable!


“Hehe, it’s okay.” Hong Dali laughed. “I’m an Honorary Aristocrat, Double Honorary Aristocrat at that. Mother, look at the quality of this cloak, it’s really durable. High-quality material in the universe! Original!”


Some were busy curry favoring. Mister, you look radiant and good-fortuned, one look and I can tell you are not an ordinary person. Youre so great, could you sell me the armor?


Of course. Jiang Dongliu laughed and said, Who else can it be other than him? You wouldnt be able to guess how they ended up together.


Youre here. Jiang Qianxue put down the book and looked at Li Tianxing. She smiled and nodded. Brother Tianxing, its been a while, indeed.

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Thinking up to this point, Tianyis mood became better. He signaled at two beautiful ladies who had been observing him secretly and smiled. Beauties, how about you come over and keep me company?


Luckily, just then, Hong Dali met someone who would help him. It was an abject looking middle-aged man. Can I speak to you, Young Master?


His whole body was burning with fire, each move and technique of his would shot out explosive blue-white flames, causing the beast in front of him to be constantly knocked back.


The Aristocrat cloak on him was goldsuggesting that he was on the same level as Hong Dali!


En. Huaqing narrowed his eyes and muttered. I heard Hong Dali is a string-puller. It seems that its true. But we cannot be careless. He must be quite capable to have become an Honorary Aristocrat. We need to continue observing them.


However, people were sure to get annoyed if they were just going to sit around and wait. Just as everyone was getting bored, a loud and arrogant laugh was heard. Hahahaha. What is happening here? Everyone is gathered here? Since Im here, all of you, scram! Dont be an eyesore!


Hong Dali obviously had no idea what the situation back on Earth was. He had just come out of the virtual world with the lackeys and was preparing to start adding attributes for everyone.



“Hehe, not bad.” Tang Muxin smiled and said, “Sister Nianwei and I both got past level 18. Lucifer got past level 19, and Brother Levis got past level 20. Aren’t we impressive?”



Actually, when you open a shop, there are things you should be particular about. For example, the renovations and decoration, as well as staffing and allocation of manpower. There should also be a manager? There should also be some security personnel? Especially for someone like Hong Dali, who bought seven shops at one shot, he should definitely have some of that, right?


“You bullied my Brother Luo Qiang. As his boss, I must have an explanation!” Not at all intimidated, Hong Dali stood eye to eye with Mister Gate. “If I cannot even protect the people around me, how can I survive here!”


This Dali has quite the brains. It seems he will grow further. Maybe not to black or white-level Double Honorary Aristocrat, but he will definitely be able to advance further.

  • Hence, Tianyi subconsciously moved to the side and quietly stood in front of Jiang Qianxue. Then, he laughed. This brother looks skilled. How many levels did you pass in the Tower of Trials? There should be no problem for you to pass above twenty levels, right?
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