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“Dali!” Lan Ruoxi ran towards Hong Dali once she entered through the doors. She dashed to Hong Dali and held Hong Dali’s hand, looking at him from head to toe, not missing any detail. His hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth… she wanted to know if Hong Dali even lost a strand of hair. When she finished looking and found nothing missing, her eyes were smiling. “Aiyo, our little prodigal seems to be doing quite well. You put on weight in just a few days…”


Speaking of which, it was said that there would be top-grade attribute gems at this auction. Especially since the Tower of Trials was open, and even weapons with attribute gems could be brought in. All the challengers basic attributes were at one hundred. Hence, the only way to boost their attributes was through the inlays on the weapon.


Hehe, who said we need big scenes? Hong Dali smiled sinisterly. We can make small scenes work as well. Speaking of which, I do have something in mind.


Hong Dali took another bottle. This was a colorless bottle of white wine, Galaxy Fantasy. He sniffed it pretentiously and said, “This Galaxy Fantasy has a superb taste, but it is lacking in iciness. It must be drunk with a dragon horn cup. Jade adds color, but dragon horns add fragrance. Everything has its purpose!”


Thats great! Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. You finally understand what an infatuated fool you were? You dont even know the other partys looks, gender or anything and already you like him. You were a love-struck infatuated fool. Its an illness, it must be treated!


The reward for level 29 was such a bird, then the reward for level 30… Honestly speaking, they didn’t know what they should expect. Although this was a good bird, the problem was that they still had to wait for it to grow…

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They really were recycling and reusing all the unwanted and discarded material. Before long, the seven shops were neatly hacked through. On the ground was a huge water pond connecting all seven stores. The stuff that should be hacked was hacked, and the ones that should be thrown were thrown. Then, they randomly added some sofas and coffee tables. The armor shop was thus complete!


Its like this, Lord Aristocrat. The man answered carefully, This shop is opened by an Honorary Aristocrat too, a Double Honorary Aristocrat. However, no one knows what he is thinking. It is rumored that every weapon here is being sold at only one thousand Galaxy Dollars.


The person from before protested. I was here first, and I gave the money first. Why should it be sold to you?


“Then what now?” Hong Dali’s eyes stared wide and asked, “You guys should have some response to this, right?”


After the coordinates were entered, space was distorted and a flash of white light appeared. When Hong Dali looked at the surroundings, he was so shocked he opened his eyes wide!


“I have informed them. They should be here soon.” The Bureau Chief was in a very good mood. He looked around. “I have informed everyone’s family and friends. They will be here soon.”


“Judging from his body shape, he doesn’t look like someone skilled in combat. In my opinion, he probably got lucky and obtained some special ability.”



Hong Dali. Yin Lieyang frowned as he sat at his desk in his study reading the latest reports sent by his guards. What is Hong Dali trying to do? He bought so many shops which were making losses? The shops in Star Harbor are not cheap. He bought so many connected shops on so many floors and is selling one piece of equipment a day at one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If this continues, we wont be able to help him during the advancement assessment even if we want to.



Before he saw what happened next, Luo Qiang felt that it was necessary for him to write a will. If anything happened to him, at least his prodigal boss would give him some financial compensation. For example, giving his family a few hundred thousand. At least, with financial stability, his parents could have another child…


After laughing for a long while, they were finally satisfied. Tang Muxin asked Hong Dali again, “Dali, hehe, then what’s the reward for level 30?”


Yes. Scott took a big step forward. It was a twenty-three- or twenty-four-year-old young man with red hair. He looked confident and wore an extremely proud smile on his face. Do I put my hand here?

  • “That’s right.” Lan Ruoxi gave a faint sigh and said, “I hope that he is playing happily over there…”
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